Sunday, 22 June 2014

soft pink , peach

{peach + soft pink + pink + cream}
Hanira | Terengganu 
Assalamualaikum ,
Dear readers ,
I guess when we put minimal requirements for some occasion , and put full energy and concentration to every details , the results is really satisfying .

Same goes with my next client , Nurul Hanira . She booked her event for her nikah ceremony in Marang , Terengganu .

The colour scheme were soft pink and peach . Since it was not practical in terms of logistic , we agreed to have artificial flowers .

There were soft pink roses , peach peonies , soft cream hydrangeas , and pink english roses .The base used were beige round soft pillow with lace "alas dulang" .

There were 7 dulang altogether and the best thing was these hantaran were featured in Inspirasi Hantaran May 2014 edition , yea ! =)

Below are some of the pictures of Hanira's hantaran .. Don't you just love the shoes? =)

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Soft Blue + Cream + Peach

Soft Blue + Cream + Green

Emir | Keramat

He is a friendly , handsome and polite guy , my son loves him haha . His politeness makes you feel that  his fiancee is the luckiest girl , hehe .

The early stage of discussion was between me and his sister . Then the detail requirements Emir came and discussed about it .
Alhamdulillah he was satisfied with the finish outcome and has booked me for his nikah ceremony , yea !
The pictures were courtesy from him by the way , =)

Sunday, 1 June 2014

soft pink + cream , soft purple + cream

 {Soft pink + Baby pink + Cream + Green}

{Purple + soft purple + cream + mud green}

Anne | Kota Bharu

We did not meet during the detail discussion. Everything are through FB and Whatsapp. She gave me the trust to decor the hantaran based on her colour scheme specifications.

Even during the final stage of submitting the hantaran item , her spouse who came by to pass it . Anyway , she chose pink and cream for the groom side while for her side she chose soft purple and cream .

The flowers used were artificial flowers made of soft pink hydrangeas , soft cream roses , some green on top of cream soft pillow .

For groom side , the decorations were made of soft purple roses , white lilies , and some greens . The base used were beige soft pillow .

The pictures are courtesy from her . Thank you so very much for engaging with us Anne , congratulations on the wedding =)