Sunday, 23 September 2012

Purple & Cream | Green& Black

{Dark Ivy +Grape +Lavender +Magnolia + Cream }

{Black + Teal Green + Sea Glass + Khaki + Cream }
Syamilla | Safwan , Ipoh
Assalamualaikum , dear readers =) . We have planned this about few months back where she came and wanted to see my hantaran decorations.After some color scheme changes finally they both agreed to use the color scheme that I find them compliment to each other =) .

“ Kak Zana , color scheme would be purple/cream for me and green / cream for him “, said Ila

There were 13 dulang altogether , I love her Zara heels =D . For flower choice , for Ila I used lilac roses , some lavender roses , to match with cream soft pillow . For Safwan I used green lily , off white roses , with black base . These hantaran were made of artificial flowers since they wanted to transport them to Ipoh . =)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Blue + Champange

{Cloudless Day + Lemon + Carnation + White Fence + Cream}
Shima , Tampin
Assalamualaikum , dear readers , =} . Have been receiving quite a number of blue theme this year . Not to forget about these hantaran as well . Shima mentioned about it during our meeting when she passed me the hantaran item .

“ Kak Zana , I wanted cream , soft blue and champagne color scheme for my hantaran “, she said.
The choice of artificial flower made it practical as she’s travelling to Tampin for the ceremony . This time I chose champagne and off white roses. Not to forget green lily . There were pale soft blue to minimize the blue color hydrangeas. Selamat Pengantin Baru , Shima =)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Purple + Cream

{Plum  +Lavender + Pink  + White+Green Orchid}
Liyana Datuk Amer Hamzah , Bangi
She came back, from her engagement hantaran last March. Alhamdulillah, it means she satisfied with my last hantaran design =) . This time we discuss the requirement at her workplace. The color scheme is purple and cream .
-Since last design we have used all possible color scheme, this time around we just use 2 color scheme, purple and cream - Liyana
There were 11 dulang altogether, perfume , manbag , and watch are some of the item for these hantaran. We have agreed to use artificial flowers. It lasts, no maintenance needed, the beauty stands on its own =). I used 2 tones of hydrangeas, cream roses, dark purple roses , lily (ha , this is the second time I used lily since Dr Juliahana , ) and off white with purple orchid. A touch of orchid create traditional look for these hantaran.

There were 2 hand bouquets for each event. For her own reception I used purple roses , carnations , champagne roses with baby breath . For her hubby’s I used champagne roses , peach rises , off white baby carnation , and green orchid.Enjoy your view , =)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Blue + Cream

{Blue Sky +Olive Green + Champange + Pink+Cream}

Dr.Juliahana , Kelana Jaya
“Zana , I love your hantaran decorations  and I want to book for my daughter’s wedding” , she said. In the month of Ramadhan we met and both Dr Dalina hand over the hantaran item for me to decorate . Hmm this year I received quiet a number of blue and cream color scheme . =)

-I added some champagne , off white and green  –

There are 13 dulang altogether , this time I receive an interesting hantaran item , stethoscope. Dr Dalina said she wanted to challenge my creativity a bit , hehe . And of course I was nervous because this is the first time I decorate a medical equipment . I showed it to Iki  , my son and he was a bit afraid (considering he was once had a high fever and every time Dr.Sheila came to visit she had the stethoscope with her , hehe)    
Artificial flowers and I used blue hydrangeas, champagne orchid , green orchid , off white roses and pearls to add with . There were champagne hydrangeas which I added with the decorations , and alhamdulillah , Dr Dalina and her daughter love it , =).