Thursday, 30 August 2012


{Purple Granite +Shocking Pink+Candy Pink + Tea Leaf + Cream}
Nazran , The Duchess Ampang
It was a perfect Sunday , and I had only 3 hours sleep . To complete the 9 dulang fresh flower and worried she might not like it . I always have this feeling moment before each of my client come to collect the finish product. She’s Enny Ridwan , the actress. She’s so humble , easy to work with =) .
Let me share with you the hantaran from bride to groom and of course the exclusive ceremony place in The Duchess , Ampang.
Theme color for groom is pink and purple  – said Enny
Made of 9 dulang , there were Aigner shirt , iPhone , shoe , and a very beautiful and tasty home made halwa dried fruits . I used purple , and shocking pink roses , some tea leaves , pink statice and off white pearls . These hantaran is my exclusive collection , kindly do not hesitate to contact me should you are interested , =) . Really happy to answer all your question =).

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Red + Black , Blue + Cream

{Velvet + Plum+Dark Green + Black + Cream }

{Turqoise + Green + Soft Green + Cream + Apple Green}
Puteri + Hafizi , Klang
Assalamualaikum , dear readers , selamat berpuasa =) . Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner and I believe that you have all prepared for the sacred and blessed day , Aidilfitri. Same as me , preparations as early as last month (my son’s clothes) =) .
Puteri has a bold choice . Red against black is a very bold choice , for me. We used black as a base against velvet red roses.

“For Hafizi , let’s use turquoise blue with cream base”, She said

There were 12 dulang , for engagements most of the hantaran item are going to be used during wedding. The hantaran are using artificial flowers , velvet red roses over glossy white pearls . For Hafizi there were blue hydreangeas , white roses and of course white pearls . Feels like my design are jelled with pearls . They make my flowers glows =) .

The engagement took place in Klang . It’s my honor that some of my customers (mostly !) came from quite far from Gombak . I am so appreciate that =) . Thanks again , you guys are the reason why I stay up at night and wake up very early to give you the very best of me =).

Friday, 3 August 2012

Super Excited !!

Assalamualaikum ,
Dearest readers , alhamdulillah , we've been featured again in August Pesona Pengantin megazine ! . So excited for this one . Why ? Because this time we've been featured as another column , DIY .
=D (my big smile face) , hehe

For those who have own ideas and want to design your own hantaran / hand bouquet , Pesona Pengantin have a special column called DIY and you may follow simple instruction . Before you know it , your hantaran / hand bouquet are ready !!  .

This time we 've been featured to show some DIY on how to decor fresh flower hantaran and there's some hand bouquet for your little ones too .. Of course the flower girl may want some flowers to hold , =D. so sory for the pic quality as i took from my hp =P .