Friday, 24 February 2012

Purple + Pink

{dark indigo+pink+dark green+vintage green+nude cream}

Farah+Aizat , Serendah
As if you know them forever , coz they were both super cool =D . Farah even mentioned me in her blog . Thanks dear! You are the best. Even Aizat is funny sometimes. It was their engagement day. I love their engagement photos, totally awesome.

Farah choose purple and pink as the color scheme.

Actually it was Aizat’s . Since his family is quite far , so they decided to engage me in. There were 7 dulang altogether. Most basic item as I recon there will be hantaran also for solemnization event.

I choose dusty pink carnations and dark indigo eustoma . Farah do not favor for hydreangas . For a lot of reason ,she said. Other combi would be yellow tea leaf and baby breath . I added some pearls for more glossy look .I hope they both like it . =)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Purple + Champange


Naz+Gee , Puchong

"Zana ! Need your help , we might want to have an engagement event this early February!"
We were fortunate that my schedule still not too full on that day . Naz and Gee are actually have booked me for March event. I have also receive an e-mail from Art Director of Inspirasi Perkahwinan magazine to feature my hantaran decorations . Alhamdulillah , I am super excited !! =D

So , cut the story short , there were 4 dulang altogether , 2 rings , 1 chocolate and a cake .

It’s up to you Zana , we leave the color scheme to you” , said Gee

I chose light purple , There were purple carnations , cream orchid , light purple flower stacks and some yellow tea leaf . To be honest , it's my first time to use the big wild orchid , but i'm glad they both love it =) .

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Yellow + Cream , Olive Green + Black

{lily pad+light olive+lettuce+yellow magnolia+endive}

 {caper berry+salvia+bonsai+lily pad+aurora borealis}
Fatin+Shahrul ,  Bdr Sri Damansara
Dear readers,
She text me and we met last year. They were both already made their choice of color scheme the moment we met. After a few considerations and some discussions , below are the details of hantaran for this lovely couple.

“It was my dad’s choice _ olive green and black” , said Fatin .

For Shahrul , the theme is soft yellow and cream….

It took me a whole of at least three weeks to find the materials . They both chose artificial flower except for the sireh junjung. Let start with Fatin , there was dark green hydrangeas, cream roses , olive green orchid , white roses as well as some green leaves . The base was of course as requested by the father of the bride _ black. I added some cream pearls to enhance the color of the flowers.

For Shahrul , there was yellow roses , cream hydrangeas , some cream roses , and green roses. Since Fatin was using black base , I chose cream soft pillow base for contra look . Love the telekung … I folded the telekung to emphasize the beautiful lace details..

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Green + Cream

{vintage green+summer grass+cenedrae+sunny day+beryl}

Shahfadilla, TTDI

Dear readers,
She’s a sweet girl , e-mailed me for a hantaran quotation . Her engagement day was held on Saturday .
They both came to pass me the item and she said “Sis, it’s up to you the design is going to be …”

"She chose green and cream for her color scheme."

It was an artificial flower. Flower used are more of olive green orchid, cream roses, white hydrangeas, and some leaves. For the base I used cream and silver boxes and tray to place the hantaran item, we wanted to minimize the design so it will be just as sweet for the engagement…=)