Friday, 21 December 2012


{White + Pearl + Cool Green}

Eliana Dato’ Shamsir| Shah Alam
She’s a preety , soft spoken lady . Not like me , seriously hehe. She called me to book for both her engagement and nikah . We met the other day to discuss bout the color scheme and all . 

She wanted white as for the hantaran color scheme.

We both agreed to use artificial lily , roses , and orchids . The base is off white and silver as the dulang and case for the hantaran. She booked me for her nikah in June , thanks dear =) . 
Congrats for the engagement !

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Cream + Purple

{Lavender + Lime Green+Champange+Cream}

Faiz Fikri |Setiawangsa
It was engagement hantaran . Color theme is Cream , nude and some purple . Faiz came with her lovely fiancée , =) . We have agreed to use artificial flowers for hantaran .

“Color theme is cream and purple ,” said Faiz

I used soft purple hydreangeas , champagne roses, cream roses with champagne pearls ..Congrats for the engagement =)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Blue + Cream

{Green + Teal Blue + Soft Blue + Cream + White}
Shukri | Terengganu 

There are times when you admire certain person and wish you could be her one day . That’s how I feels bout Shukri’s mom .The mother 's responsibility in ensuring her child's big day is a success and to handle so many things at the same time , it's a miracle to me .Maybe i can feel it because i'm a mom too , hehe. I called her Puan and sometimes she asked me to call her Ummi , =) .

This is her son’s big day , Shukri . he emailed me the enquiries about the hantaran and Ummi is the one who follow up and give me the specific details of how the hantaran is going to be ,it really help me a lot , thank you Puan =) .
“Zana , we choose blue and cream as our theme color”, said Shukri

The usage of artificial flowers are a good choice as Shukri is travelling to Johor . There were cream hydreangeas , ivory roses , soft blue roses , blue hydreangeas and some greens with the add of cream pearls.


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Purple + Blue

{Pale Blue + Sky + Cream + White}

{Purple+Soft Purple+Pink+Cream+Green}

Ira Bohari | Kuala Lumpur
Ira and her fiancée came on the other day to hand me the hantaran item . And one of them is a badminton racket … Her fiancee said he wanted to challenge my design a bit , hehe . I really hope that I won’t disappoint them =) on that day..

“ kak, color scheme is purple and blue”, said Ira

There were 16 dulang consist of shoe , chocolate and others . The design were different a bit as I used purple with pink tulip ,the purple hydreangeas were using grey base while blue flowers were using cream soft pillow base , of artificial flowers .

They engage me for their wedding next year , thanks guys =) . Congrats for the engagement =)

Saturday, 10 November 2012


{Cream +Off white + Green+ White Fence + Pearls}

Liza Melati , Putrajaya
Haaa…. I love this one.. Simplicity is perfect , or shall I say less is more .. That’s Liza’s words when we met the other day . The name is Liza Melati.. such a beautiful name . If I have a daughter I would name her after a flower name .. =)
She came with her fiancée to pass me the hantaran item which supposed to be from groom to bride .
“The theme is white , Zana . So we wanted all to be white “, Liza said
Most of Liza’s hantaran item were dark color . herefore they stand out using white flowers. These fresh flower hantaran were made of ivory roses , white lilies , off white mum , and not to forget cymbidium orchid. I enjoyed decorating her hantaran on the other day , hehehe
For Liza’s nikah hand bouquet the theme color was blue , shocking pink and red . There was blue mum , red roses and the other flower which I did’nt know the name =P …

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Purple + Cream

{Soft Purple + Lavender+ Pink + Soft Green + Cream}
Nadya , Terengganu, 

“Akk dah lama x update blog ke “, her words to me when we met the other day . Gulp . To tell the truth I urm .. crying for extra time , with client’s hantaran , magazine ‘s photoshoot , new client’s booking , Iki , my husband,, and the list goes on.

But let’s put aside shall we? This is Nadya and Edzat’s post . Well , she SMS me for quotation (as usual) , I gave the quotation as per we have agreed upon (also as usual) ,
But … her hantaran item is not as per usual . At least for me . Edzat want me to décor the Sony Playstation consol as hantaran .. huhuhu

The moment I saw the red Sony joystick from the plastic bag (Edzat’s hantaran item) remembering the words to my brother when he begged me to put his XBox consol for his hantaran , I said “dream on”,
There were 13 dulang altogether . Nadya wanted to transport to Terengganu so she chose artificial flower made of purple hydreangas , pink hydreangas , cream orchid and roses , and cream lilies.

To both of you such a cute couple , Selamat Pengantin Baru 

The vid is a courtesy from Nurfaq Movie Entertainment , if pics represent thousands of words , imagine what vids can do ? hehe
p/s : I paste from our what’s app
“Waaaaaaaahhhhhh cantik sgt akak !!!!”
Sy ske sgt
Terharu =)