Sunday, 4 January 2015

Nazmil | Wangsa Melawati

 {Green + Blue}

Again Ku Adlina given me the trust to decorate for his son's hantaran for nikah ceremony . How I am so very thankful hehe .

This time the theme colour is green and blue and the base is grey in colour . She wanted to use artificial flowers this time since it was easier for them .

Flower used are artificial blue hydrangeas , with green roses . I didn't use any cream colour this time , both of the colour suited each other nicely for me .Congrats Nazmil =) .

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Emir | Keramat

{White + Ivory +Grey}

He joins a lot of running events . Hmm no wonder he so slim . He did asked me to join as well and I was like "Errr .. mmm .. hehe .. tu la , nak join gak , masa je yang tak berapa ada , hehe" yup , its just an excuse where actually i'm afraid if i run , i passed out . Remembering the day of 'merentas desa' at school where i always one of the last person arrived , haha .

This time for the nikah , he wanted soft and simple colour . The colour that I love as well . White . White is so pure and very suitable for nikah ceremony . The combinations of white and grey base never disappoints me , hehe . So , there you go , combinations of fresh ivory roses , white eustoma and baby breath with grey base for Emir's nikah ceremony .

Thank you Emir for giving me another opportunity to again decorate your hantaran .

Hashimah Dato' Hj Matulidi | Terengganu

{blue + red}

The first time I saw her , I told myself " she's so soft spoken lady , her husband must be very lucky to have her =) " . 

The idea of combining red and blue was hers . She even suggested to use the mirror box for her hantaran decorations .

We switch opinions on what best for her hantaran and she agreed . The theme colour was blue and red . Flowers used were hydrangeas , roses and english roses . Bold combinations but still complement each other . Congratulations Shima =) .

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Fadhly | Zakiah Datuk Md Zin , Puncak Setiawangsa

{purple + burgundy + cream}

Both of them are super cool , friendly but yet humble . Really easy to work with , hehe . I kind of fond that Fadhly is actually having a music band of his own .. waaa ..every girl's dream to date a rock band .. well ..erm at least me ..hehe.

Fadhly texted me way earlier to discuss over his ideas and requirement for the hantaran decorations . Few weeks before the wedding both of them came and passed me the hantaran item .

The colour theme was purple and cream . He said "akk , buat nampak mcm dari lelaki yang bagi la , biar rock skit , hehe" and we burst into laugh .. haha
The cake which Zakiah gave to him was a fondant with a drum decor on top of it and how i missed to take the pic ! arghh ..

The flower used were fresh flowers made of ivory roses , white button mum , purple carnations and dark cymbidium purple orchid. The base used was cream round soft pillow . Congrats to both of you =).

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Peach , Cream , White

{Peach + Milk + White Fence}

Feryal Mufti | Damansara 

The wedding was held at one of the famous hotel in Kuala Lumpur and it was featured in Harmoni magazine . I am so honoured to be part of it . Even it was just a little one , hehe .

After few conversation held over text , little bit of changes here and there , she booked me straight away . The main theme colour was peach , but of course to enhance the main colour , the addition of white and cream were there .

There were fresh peach and ivory roses , and baby breath used . Since the wedding was held at night , I used crystal ball to add glitter to the flower decorations .

The used of silver decorative dulang she wanted as the base . Simple , but it enhance the flowers and the hantaran item . Thanks so much Feryal for choosing me as one of your wedding vendor , and congratulations =)

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sharifah Zawanah | Wangsa Maju

{Mustard + Peach + Yellow + Cream}


Sharifah Zawanah | Wangsa Maju

Assalamualaikum , dearest readers ,
Here is one of our latest event , her name is Sharifah . She was also introduced by one of my client . Her sister in law . We discussed over text and both of us agreed with the colour scheme chosen by her .

For groom the colour shame were red , pink , and cream made of artificial roses , english roses , and some green

For bride , the colour scheme were cream , and some white .

I used grey soft pillow with decorative silver dulang . There were actually some small changes where the groom had requested to change the soft pillow to cream .

Happy Sunday =)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pink + Peach + Cream

{Dusty Pink +Peach+Cream+White}

Farah | Setapak

She was introduced by my previous client . She was so sweet , came with her family to discuss about her requirement for hantaran . She is a detail person , gave me a lot of ideas . Thanks

Friday, 12 September 2014

Yellow + Green

{Yellow + Cream + Green}

Nazmil | Wangsa Melawati

When Ku Adlina called in to book for the engagement hantaran , I have told her that my slot was full on that date . Hearing her disappointed voice made me feel so guilty ..

I accepted her booking and we started our discussion since then . The idea was actually based on my previous hantaran decorations .

Ku Adlina was very nice , she gave me a lot of idea for her son's engagement which made my job a lot easier .. hehe .

Okay , lets talk about the colour scheme shall we? The colour were soft yellow , cream and some greens . The base used were cream soft pillow with alas dulang made of lace .

The flowers were fresh flowers of yellow roses , cymbidium orchid , and some green leaves .

Thousand apologies for not updating my blog people , lots of things need to be done since we have moved to Sri Kembangan instead of Gombak . A lot of arrangements , new hantaran coming in ..phewww .. i'll try to keep it posted ya , thank you so much readers ..